Nina Kirchner

Foto: Eva Dalin
Associate Professor in Glaciology
Department of Physical Geography

Bolin Centre for Climate Research
Co-leader for Research Area 6
-  Orbital to tectonic climate variability- 

Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: (+46) 8 162988
Mobile: (+46) 70-60 90 588

Short News: 

  • Oktober 5: KTHs seminarieserie om klimatfrågor inför COP21; Om rymden, haven och däremellan

forthcoming: Announcement of positions for AUV technicians within the MUST project, for more information, click on "MUST project" above
  •  Second FROZEN workshop at UNIS, Longyearbyen, 20-22 April 


  • KTH öppen föreläsning: Lecture with Ivan Stenius on
       "Autonoma undervattenfarkoster – tekniken som ger marin polarforskning
        en ny dimension"

  • Mobile Underwater System Tools (MUST) granted 38 MSEK from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation

  • David Masson, U Zuerich, visits 26 may - 30 juni to work on statistical  modeling approaches to reconstruct paleo-Arctic ice shelf configurations


Studying uncharted seabed in the Barents Sea